Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Andrew Stuart:

I first met Joe when visiting NASA Ames in 1991, where RIACS was located when he was Director. On the first meeting I found him inscrutable. I joined the faculty at Stanford, in Computer Science, in 1992, and got to know Joe a little better. I remember sitting with him soon after arriving,over the road from Margaret Jacks Hall, under the trees, with tiny caterpillars falling on and around us. To the extent that I was able to concentrate in this strange rain, I remember that he told me his views ofthe good and the bad of life in California and Stanford. Professionally he was quietly very supportive. In particular he backed all my plans for minor curriculum reform in Numerical Analysis, and adapted his own teaching schedule to help me develop mine. I was always grateful for this.

He never seemed entirely comfortable at Stanford in the time I was there. I hope that he found greater comfort in retirement.


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