Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Michael Heath:

I have many fond memories of Joe, but no anecdote quite as
"striking" as Michael Overton's. I agree with Michael that Joe's role as
sole mentor for the NA students during our first year at
Stanford (Michael and I entered the same year) was especially
important in getting our grad student careers off to a good start.
I didn't really think of this at the time, but Joe was not long out of
graduate school himself at that point, and he showed remarkable
maturity to lead the group so effectively at such an early stage of
his own career. I recall many enjoyable evenings at Joe and
Debby's place, as well as NA lunches, etc.

One indication of Joe's thoughtfulness and caring for students is
that during my second year at Stanford, Mona and I were married
in Virginia during the Christmas break (as Michael will well
remember, having been part of the wedding), and Joe was kind
enough to meet us at the SFO airport upon our return --- you
don't see a lot of professors doing that for their students these
days. Moreover, Joe and Debby gave a reception for Mona and
me in honor of our marriage, which seemed way beyond the call
of duty, but very much appreciated by us and very much in
character for Joe.


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