Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tony Chan:

First time I use a "blog" and it is a sad occasion. The last time I saw Joe was probably 10 years ago when he was still at Stanford. We took a long walk together. He already knew he would be retiring and move to the Sierras.So many memories about Joe!I still remember when I first met Joe in 1973-1974 at Serra House, when I was a new graduate student, and he was a visitor from Uppsala. I remember Joe's office next to the seminar room and the kitchen. I remember "baby sitting" Nicholas and Jason when Joe and Debbie took a long trip to Sweden. Of course, who can forget the numerous parties at the Oligers!!! He was particularly proud of his Japanese style smoker. Joe was a great carpenter/builder. Many of us remember he led the effort and built the trellis of Serra House --- the photos are at Mike Heath's homepage. His boat shared with Jon Clarebout. The little record book he had showing he was the first to have climbed one of the peaks in the Rockies.

My last main professional interaction with Joe was when he was Director of RIACS and I was a frequent visitor.Joe had a great group of PhD students in my era and most of us are still in the math/cs profession and do see each other frequently. In fact, 3 of us (Nick, Marsha and I) saw each other at the SIAM HQ as recently as last Saturday (12/9/05) --- as members of SIAM's Board of Trustees. Joe had a great influence on each of us and we'll remember him fondly forever.



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