Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wei-Pai Tang:

Joe's enthusiastic attitude was infectious. So many of his outstanding students from Stanford were attracted and made distinguished careers later. Joe also had a big heart to help the students in difficulties. I was one of them. Here are the first two paragraphs from the acknowledgement of my thesis that I would like share with you:

The march leading to my Ph.D. has been long and difficult, though on its path I have also found happiness and fulfillment. There is a long list of individuals who have helped me in many ways. I want to thank them for what they have given me.I am deeply indebted to Professor Joseph Oliger for providing me guidance and support through my years at Stanford the most valuable lesson I learned from him is not to just follow where the path may lead, but to go where there is no path. During the crises of my academic life, his confidence in me and his generous support have made this thesis possible. Now, I am very proud of saying: I am another new member of the large academic Oliger “family”.


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